Live At last 20 May 2006
Finally!!! I’m back to life. A while back you may remember I was tinkering with rublog. It would have been a long while back. Well rublog was a project started by Dave Thomas way back when, and it really isn’t maintained anymore, and Typo pretty much rocks, so I decided to put forth some effort in getting it up. I didn’t port any old posts over to Typo, some of it was interesting so I will probably do that at somepoint, but probably not anytime soon (just being honest).

I’d like to thanks Market Technologies Inc. (MTI) for the server space and bandwidth used to post my blog. Just to point out, the views expressed here are not necessarily the views as MTI. We may share similar views but the views, ideas and opinions here expressed are my own.

I am running typo trunk for those who are still running 2.6.0. I had issues getting typo 2.6.0 to work with the whole RewriteBase directive, but trunk doesn’t seem to have that same problem. If anyone has any issues setting up trunk feel free to let me know.

Well live at last, and to sleep I must. Until next time, happy rubying!

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