Kubuntu Dapper Install CD, Simple Issues 18 Jul 2006
I am very dissappointed with the “Kubuntu”:http://www.kubuntu.org 6.0.6 Dapper install cd. Not only is there NO text-mode installer (have to download the alternate install cd for that) you are forced to use a broken GUI installer.

The Kubuntu Dapper install cd is a live cd with an installer. It boots you into KDE and there is an “Install” icon on the desktop. The installer looks promising to be something very easy for a typical end user to use, however, it currently has faults. On Step 5 of 6 I chose to manually edit my partition table. While creating partitions the installer screen would blank out (looks like an application hang). After a very long time of letting it sit there I got a window with a python stacktrace in it.

I tried a few more times and gave up on the GUI partitioner, so I fired up Konsole and used cfdisk to partition. After my partition looked good I went back to the GUI installer. I got to the last step and I needed select what partitions to automount. It would only let me select the number of mountpoints as I had primary partitions. Since I have 3 primary partitions, and the rest were logical I could only mount /boot, /root and /home.

I rebooted, and then manually sync’d /var and /usr with /dev/hda5 and /dev/hda6, and updated the /etc/fstab file. I rebooted and all was well.

I run Kubuntu Dapper at home on my desktop (but that was an upgrade from Kubuntu Breezy) so I know I want to stick with Kubuntu, but there installer’s shouldn’t have these obvious problems with it.

They are moving in the right direction, but this installer just blew the big one.

The one nice thing about the installer that makes me slightly less dissappointer is the fact that my Intel PRO 2200BG wireless chipset worked out of the box. No packages to download and install, no configurations. It just worked. And WEP did to.

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