ActiveRecord::Extensions 0.0.5 27 Oct 2006
ActiveRecord::Extensions (ARE) 0.0.5 is released! Download it

Main Features of ARE

ARE supports four main features at this point:

  • Better finder support for ActiveRecord, Intro here

  • Mass import/insertion of data, which is up to 40x faster then ActiveRecord, Intro here

  • A benchmarking suite to benchmark itself against ActiveRecord, See MySQL results

  • Rake tasks to test itself, and to test itself against ActiveRecord’s own test suite, [ See README in source tgz ] ARE is 100% compliant with ActiveRecord 1.1.0 up to 1.1.6 and even into RailsEdge up until tonight.

    ARE’s import method is the way to go if you need to access MySQL functionality like:



  • Multi-value INSERT statements ARE’s better_finder support is the way to go if you want a more robust and cleaner API for searching the database. It supports things like:

  • Hashes

  • Arrays

  • Numerics

  • Regexps</ul>

  • Ranges It gives awesome search functionality via passing in a Hash. Check it out

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