Olivia Dennis, Saturday Midnight Update 05 Nov 2006
Olivia had a pretty good day today. Her temperature was below 100 degrees all day and she had lots and lots of visitors. From Grandma’s and Grandpa’s to Aunts/Uncles to friends and people she’s never met before.

Her MRI got pushed back a few hours, and it took up to three tries to get her sedated (she’s a tough little girl) but the doctors ended up getting it done. The results from the MRI won’t be in for a day or two though depending on when the special radiologist for Olivia is in next.

After the MRI, Olivia was still pretty sleepy from the sedation, but she woke up for Mom not to long after happy and smiling. She thought about going back to sleep, but decided she was hungry and ate alot!! 6.5 ounces!!!!!

A nurse tested her hearing today and although Olivia didn’t respond to the hearing test, when her Dad came in the room tonight and spoke, her head tilted right in his direction. Right before I left Olivia had taken two laps around the pediatrics floor with her Dad and she was in awe of the lights and the colors on the walls.

I’ll post pictures of Olivia from this week at the hospital tomorrow. As always, continue to keep Olivia, her mom and dad in your thoughts prayers, as well as the doctors treating her.

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