Olivia Dennis, Tuesday Morning Update 07 Nov 2006
Olivia had another good night last night. She slept through the night (including the vitals at 4am)! Visitors must now wear masks in the room, so Olivia doesn’t quite know what to think of all the yellow faces yet. She’s noticed the TV, and loves watching ESPN.

The doctor said that there is no final conclusion on the hearing test yet, and he isn’t happy with the blood results from this morning. Potassium and sodium levels are up in blood which he said means that her brain is telling her body to retain water. Her white blood cell count is up again, and there shouldn’t be because of all the antibiotics in her system. He is going to contact the doctors at the DeVos Childrens Hospital and the University Of Michigan Pediatrics.

Olivia is still fighting hard, but she’s still a long ways away from recovery.

Mom would like to add, “Thanks with ALL of my heart go out to all who prayed for my precious little girl. ”

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