Olivia Dennis, Thursday Evening Update 10 Nov 2006
This posting is directly from an email I received from Adrienne today…

Final word on hearing test is in! Not only can she hear, she can hear great! I guess she was just ignoring us. More blood was taken this morning, they’re doing blood work daily. Doc is still trying to get in touch with U of M doctor. We brought Olivia’s swing and her boppy up here. She’s finally feeing well enough for us to put her down. She takes naps in her swing and watches TV on her boppy. We used to take her for walks around the floor to see the paintings on the wall, but she’s confined to the room now… bummer. She’s happy today and she just drank 8 oz at once!! She’s eating better! She also wanted me to tell everyone thanks for all her new toys, cards, and their prayers!! Talk later! xo


More Pictures

Here is a link to Adrienne’s yahoo photo album for Olivia:

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