Olivia Dennis, Friday Night Update 11 Nov 2006
Today was a really busy day for little Olivia. She had two blood draws which showed that the sodium level has elevated. The doctor says that this is a reaction to the bacterial meningitis which causes her to retain fluid. We are waiting for the doctor to determine whether her food in-take and IV fluid would need to be reduced.

Olivia got a new dressing on her PIC line today which was extremely painful, time consuming and exhausting, but Olivia and Mom toughed it out together! _(see pictures below)_ Olivia is also waiting on an appointment with a doctor from the DeVos Children’s Hospital or the University of Michigan to determine the next steps for her kidney infection.

Besides the doctors and nurses Olivia spent most of today smiling and chatting with Mom today.

Changes To The Web Site

The black and gray colors weren’t really fitting to a cute little girl like Olivia, so in an effort for the web site to be more fitting to Olivia’s tastes we’re going to be changing the color themes and adding some more fitting imagery.

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