Olivia Dennis, Sunday Noon Update ...posted by mom 12 Nov 2006
Since Olivia’s sodium and potassium levels are a little off, the doc’s decided to limit how much she eats during the day. They cut her intake quite a bit; she’s allowed less than half of what she normally eats. As you can imagine, she’s not happy. She’s been screaming most of the time she’s awake-she kept Matt up really late last night.

The doctors decided to do some blood work to check on her potassium and sodium levels today, rather than tomorrow because she’s so unhappy.. we are waiting for the results on that. Hopefully, her levels have worked themselves out and we won’t have to restrict her eating again today.

Over the past three days, Olivia has been awake only a few hours. She’s been through so much and we think it’s all catching up with her. She’s so tired and she needs so much rest so she can keep getting better.

Toward the end of next week, Matt & I will decide with the doc’s where Olivia will get the rest of her treatment. Maybe the last two weeks or so of antibiotics will be done at home, by a nurse who visits the condo. This isn’t anything we have to decide right now, just another thing we’re talking about with doc’s…

Bath Time

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