Olivia Dennis, Monday afternoon update... posted by mom 13 Nov 2006
Things have been slow so far today… Olivia slept in late (until 9) just as a princess should. Her and dad read a book together last night-she was so interested in the pictures! She was smiling and laughing while she was awake earlier today.

For 10 days now, Olivia has been on 2 antibiotics. The doc explained them to me like this…

“One is the ‘killer’ and the other ‘intensifies’ the ‘killing’ of the bacteria. Unfortunately, the ‘intensifier’ has many bad side effects because it’s so strong. Now that we truly have the bacterial infection under control, we can get rid of this antibiotic.”

Yay… we REALLY are on our way!! It was good to hear. Today is day 10 of the 28 days she’ll need to have her IV, so we still have a while, but it’s so nice to see more progress!!

Thanks to everyone for the all the love and prayers… she’s such a fighter!

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