Olivia Dennis, Tuesday evening... 14 Nov 2006
Another slow day here. Olivia practiced sitting up for a while, and we read her book again but, most importantly, Olivia is getting all kinds of rest. The doc stopped in this morning to let us know that she’ll have another ultrasound of her kidney tomorrow morning. This ultrasound will be sent to the specialist in Ann Arbor. He’ll use this to determine if we can wait to see him until he comes back to Kalamazoo (Bronson Hospital) or if we need to be seen right away in Ann Arbor. He will be back in Kzoo the first week of December. Our doctor told us that we should have that situated by the end of the week.

Olivia is in the treatment room right now, getting a new dressing put on her PIC line again. All the hair she has makes it hard for the tape and glue to stick. It’s no fun for her, but I’m sure a new dressing feels so much better when it’s done.

We know for sure that we’ll be here at least through the week. Next Monday we will meet with our case manager to discuss taking Olivia home with the IV and having a nurse visit the condo.

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