Olivia Dennis, Wednesday afternoon 15 Nov 2006
Aunt Lexi came to visit last night! Olivia loves hanging out with her Aunts!

Olivia had her ultrasound done this morning. It went well; she was very smiley and cooperative. The doctor just came in to let me know that EVERYTHING LOOKS GREAT! The original problem (some kind of kink or pinch in the ureter) that caused the infection isn’t even showing up on the ultrasound anymore!! The kidney is back to it’s original size and there is no inflammation anymore. YAY!!

Although this is VERY VERY exciting, the ultrasound will still be sent to the doc in Ann Arbor to look at. Our next step is to do a VCUG (I forget what this stands for). This test will show the urine flow in her kidneys, bladder, and everywhere else it goes. They’re just doing this to make sure there aren’t any other problems that the ultrasound would miss.

I’m so happy that not only is the infection gone, but the original defect in her kidney seems to have corrected itself!! Our little miracle baby!!

Olivia was SO happy to get such good news!!

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