Olivia Dennis, Thursday afternoon 16 Nov 2006
Nothing much going on today. After yesterday’s news we’re all so happy and we’re feeling a little more relaxed. We still have a few more tests to get through, but the good news yesterday lifted our spirits.

This morning Olivia had a nice warm bath-she loved it. She loved it so much that she decided to poop all over herself as soon as she got out so we had to wipe her down all over again!

She’s been so smiley and alert this morning. We practiced sitting up some more, and we practiced standing up tall. She’s getting so big in here!! After all that working out, she relaxed with dad and ended up falling asleep just like her daddy! It was cute.

We’ll spend the rest of the week relaxing, getting plenty of rest, and watching Olivia get better and better.

Thank God for such wonderful miracles!

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