olivia dennis, sunday evening 19 Nov 2006
I’ve been hesitant to post an update the past few days…. Olivia hasn’t been feeling well. Yesterday evening she was very unhappy and irritable for some reason. She had a little tiny bit of a fever and didn’t want to eat much. She had some tylenol and I gave her a warm bath to try to calm her down. Matt and I can’t put our finger on exactly what’s wrong, but we both agree that she just isn’t acting like herself; something is a little off. She didn’t sleep much last night, so she slept until 11 this morning!

Today she’s been spitting up most of the food she’s had and we’re still having a hard time getting her to eat. She’s had blood drawn twice today, and they’re thinking of MAYBE another MRI within the next couple of days to make sure nothing is on the brain that wasn’t there before.

I just got word that her white blood cells are slightly back up again, we’ll find out exactly what that means tomorrow morning when the doctor is back in. We had hopes of being home for Thanksgiving; we’ll have to see what the next few days brings. Please keep praying for our little sweet girl-she’s come so far, but we’re not there yet…

I’ll post some pictures from the weekend tomorrow when I have more time.

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