olivia dennis, wednesday morning 22 Nov 2006
We received good news last night… Olivia’s VCUG came back looking great! They didn’t see anything wrong with her entire urinary tract!
GREAT GREAT NEWS!! They’ll still do some lab work on her today. The doctor stopped in this morning. He’s happy that there’s no visible problems in the urinary tract, but he’s still concerned with the low grade fever she has had the past 4 days. Because of the fever, her spitting up CONSTANTLY, and not wanted to eat as much, he’ll be looking for some type of belly infection in today’s lab work. Her white blood cell count is still a little elevated, but hopefully there won’t be any type of infection in there! We’ll find out Friday…

Olivia hung out on her boppy last night, playing with daddy. Then there is the pouty face she gives to her daddy when she wants something….”Daddy, I want a pony”, she said. :-)

We meet again with the case manager on Monday. If all is well, we’ll be going home next week!

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