olivia dennis, Tuesday afternoon 28 Nov 2006
The doctor visited today and told us that they’re planning on sending us home THIS FRIDAY!!! :-) Olivia has blood-work today and tomorrow, a urine test tomorrow and another spinal tap Thursday. It’s going to be a busy week, but we see a very very bright light at the end of the tunnel!

The doctor, however, still does have a few concerns. First, her sodium and potassium levels are still a little off. He’s not sure why. The wrong levels of sodium in your body can cause seizures. Although he doesn’t think it will get this bad, he still thinks it’s something we need to watch. The other thing that worries him is her white blood cell count. To make things simple, he basically said that her white count is down TOO far now. If she were to come in contact with any more bacteria, she doesn’t have enough white blood cells to fight it off. If she starts running a fever, he doesn’t think she’d be able to break it. So, we need to keep an eye on her!

Overall, he thinks things are going well. He thinks the inconsistencies in her sodium, potassium, and white blood cells are mainly due to her heavy doses of antibiotics. He thinks her body will correct itself once she’s done with them. When we got home, we’ll have to take her for blood tests a few times a week to make sure…

Please pray that bad germs stay away from her during these last few, very important, days at the hospital!!

She’s waking up from a nap-I’ll post pics later tonight if I have time!

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