Olivia Dennis, Thursday Morning Update 01 Dec 2006
Olivia had blood taken first thing this morning. They started her on a new medicine yesterday to help regulate sodium. The blood draw should from this morning should show if it’s working. She had another spinal tap this morning, too. The doctor said that it went well-they got it on the first try. We should have results from that later this afternoon. As long as there’s no infection in the spinal fluid, WE GET TO GO HOME TOMORROW!!!

Her stinkin’ IV popped out again just now. She only has 2 doses of antibiotic left…too bad it didn’t stay in… It was in her ankle this time, wonder where they’ll try to put it next :-(

Olivia has a long road ahead of her. She has three medicines to go home with and she’ll have to see the doctor a few times a week. I’m sure she’ll be so happy to be home though! I’ll send out an email as soon as we get results.

Again, please forward this to others who want updates…thank you.

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