ActiveRecord::Extensions 0.6.0 released 06 May 2007
ActiveRecord::Extensions 0.6.0 is released! You can install it via RubyGems:

gem install ar-extensions

What’s New?

  1. 0 includes:
  • support for arrays when using the Hash arguments and the ‘_contains’ suffix.
  • a synchronize method which acts like ActiveRecord::Base#reload, but it works on multiple instances. The benefit being that it makes one query to reload all instances rather then one query per instance
  • a bug fix for URI encoded strings when using find with ActiveRecord objects


# synchronize example
post = BlogPost.find_by_author_name( 'zdennis' )
columns = [ :author_name, :title ]
values = [ [ 'yoda', 'test post' ] ]
BlogPost.import columns, values, :synchronize=>[ post ]
post.author_name # => 'yoda'

# using synchronize option with import
posts = BlogPost.find(:all)
BlogPost.import( columns, values, :synchronize=>posts)

# using arrays with the _contains suffix
  :conditions=>{ :author_name_contains=>[ 'ab', 'oc', 'ed' ] } )

Questions, Comments

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