basecamp goes openid 26 Jun 2007
Basecamp releases its support for “OpenID”: . The official basecamp release notes can be found “here”: .

A long time ago “Brandon Keepers”: was telling me about OpenId but I didn’t really have a use for it (lack of support by web sites and applications that I use). One of my biggest pet peeves with Basecamp has been that you have to have multiple logins for multiple projects, but now you can have one.

My favorite feature is the new project navigation toolbar. In the below screenshot you can see the three projects that I’ve converted to OpenID show up.

Although there are a few OpenID providers out there I decided to go with “My OpenID”: . In seven minutes I had my OpenID up and my basecamp projects converted over.

For those of you who may be interested in running your own OpenID server you can… “Run your own identify server”: gives you some resources to show you how.

Kudos to basecamp for putting this in place, it is so far the best added feature since basecamp has been released IMO.

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