ActiveRecord::Extensions 0.7.0 Released! 21 Jul 2007
ActiveRecord::Extensions 0.7.0 is released! Thanks to Michael Flester and Gabe da Silveira for the patches they submitted!

Updates include:

  • Oracle support for better finders (but regexps only work with Oracle 10 or higher) and import (Michael Flester)
  • created_at/updated_at timestamps are now implemented with import functionality if they exist on the tables (Zach Dennis/Michael Flester)
  • fixed padding issue with MySQL by increasing the byte buffer size to 8 bytes. (thanks to Gabe da Silveira)

To install as a gem you can run:

gem install ar-extensions

To update a previously installed gem you can run:

gem update ar-extensions

To install as a script/plugin you can run:

script/plugin install

To see information on the usage of ar-extensions please refer to the “arext page”: or refer to the “RDOC documentation”:


For questions, comments please feel free to email me, zach dot dennis at gmail dot com or by submitting to “rubyforge project page”: for arext.

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