view_test 0.10.0 released 25 Aug 2007
view_test 0.10.0 has been released. Install it now:

script/plugin install

“David Chelimsky”: asked me the other day if view_test allowed you to write view tests without having created your controller yet. I said yes naively. Last night I fired up the MacBook Pro and looked over my specs to see if I had tested that case (I thought I did), but I didn’t so I wrote a failing spec and then implemented it.

You can now create a view test and create the correct app/views/products directory structure and have it work without having to have a ProductsController in existance. (Examples are in “Behaviors”: format)

class ProductsShowTest < Rails::ViewTest::TestCase

  should "display hello world when rendering products/show.html.erb" do
     render :file => "products/show"
     assert_select 'hello world'


So, David, I didn’t lie on purpose, and hopefully this release will redeem my answer! Enjoy!

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