form_test_helper on edge 01 Sep 2007
Well I’ve joined the Google Code project for “form_test_helper”: . So form_test_helper will now work with Rails Edge, trunk revisions 6764 all the way up to 7393 (todays latest commit).

If you are using Rails 1.2.x or a Rails Edge revision less then 6764 then please use the 1.0.0 tag for form_test_helper, otherwise use what we consider form_test_helper trunk.

Installing for Rails Edge greater than or equal to 6764

script/plugin install

Installing for Rails Edge less than 6764

script/plugin install

I am going to put these notes on the project home page as soon as I get permissions to make that update if “Jason”: doesn’t make the change himself.

Enjoy form_test_helper on Edge!

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