Food Service and Craftsmanship 15 Nov 2007
I wonder if restaurants and fast food places could learn from the craftsmanship model. Today at lunch I went to KFC and they screwed up my order. I’m somewhat of a regular at the local KFC by the office and the person who took my order I believe is new.

It hit me that this happens all of the time, regardless of it being a fast food place or a normal sit down restaurant. I’m a rather picky eater and have been dubbed “Sally” from “How Harry Met Sally”: Sally and I both share the “picky” part of our eating habits.

My thought is that people who are new on the job in the restaurant world often screw up orders. And after seeing “Waiting”: I’m even inclined to think that my orders get jacked up on purpose.

But keeping my hopes and dreams in mind (no sprinkled parsley on my mashed potatoes please) as it pertains to servers wanting to do a good job and take price in their work I think they should put more emphasis on the craftsmanship model. No junior servers or order takers w/o a senior standing by.

At least perhaps then I’ll get what I ordered.

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