Refactoring Your Rails Application - Tutorial Content 03 Jun 2008
I posted the tutorial slides and example app as well as the refactoring catalog to OReilly’s RailsConf 2008 web site, but I couldn’t tell you where to access it, because I couldn’t find the public download links. So here are the links to the material on this server:

  • “Rails Refactoring Catalog from the tutorial “:
  • “Refactoring Your Rails App tutorial slides”:
  • “Refactoring Your Rails App example app from the tutorial”:

The example app is also available from github if you’d like to download the revisions and the different branches used for the tutorial

  • “”:

Just refer to the refactoring branch and any other branch with “refactoring” in the name.

The official project which the example app is based on is called Strac. The official github repository can be found at “”:

If you have any questions, comments or feedback on any of the material or the example app feel free to email me at zach dot dennis at gmail dot com.

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