ar-extensions, Rails 2.x 17 Jul 2008
There are some issues with ar-extensions and Rails 2.x. At first glance it mainly has to do with load order and what to load. I’m going to try to post an update or at least instructions tomorrow so people can use ar-extensions with Rails 2.x and up.

I’m going to be moving the codebase to github and will start work on ar-extensions to get closer to a 1.0 release later this fall. I plan to kick out 0.8 which includes some bug fixes and any Rails 2.x issues as soon as possible.

I am also looking into using Lighthouse for tickets. Rubyforge’s bug tracking isn’t the greatest and apparently there have been tickets there for a while that I had no idea about (sorry about that).

  1. 9 will be the first release where I look to improve and cleanup the codebase. Thanks for your patience.

Any questions, comments or suggestions feel free to let me know. Thanks,

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