ar-extensions, Rails 2.x followup 18 Jul 2008
Update: ar-extensions is no longer maintained for Rails 3.x and above. Please see activerecord-import.

First things first, ar-extensions moved to Lighthouse and Github. So please no more tickets or patches on rubyforge. I’ll close out or move over the ones on rubyforge that currently reside there.

Now, the fun stuff.

ar-extensions and Rails 2.x compability

For the most part ar-extensions 0.7.0 (and below) is not compatible with Rails 2.0.x and 2.1. The import functionality works, but ar-extensions will bork on some edge cases of using ActiveRecord::Base.find methods. It won’t return the wrong value, it will simply raise an exception. So if you’re using ar-extensions in your Rails 2.x app, the app itself will probably bork (and I realize that you probably already know this). If you’re using the import functionality in isolation then you should be fine.

Some of the loading issues with ar-extensions that people had are due to ar-extensions being loaded during the time that Rails goes through the loading process (if you put require ‘ar-extensions’ in config/environments/development.rb, test.rb or production.rb). You can get around this by moving if after the block in your config/environment.rb file.

Tonight I made several commits to get ar-extensions closer to Rails 2.1.0 compatibility. HEAD right now is Rails 2.0.1 compatible, but not 2.0.2 or 2.1.0 compatible. As soon as ar-extensions is compatible I will release 0.8.0. I am hoping for it to be released within the next few days. And by compatible I mean that ar-extensions not only passes its own tests, but it also doesn’t break any of ActiveRecord’s tests.

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