ar-extensions 0.8.0 released! 06 Aug 2008
ar-extensions 0.8.0 is finally released! All known bugs and compatibility issues with Rails 2.1.0 have been resolved.

  • 0 does not work with the latest Rails edge due to some additional features on edge that weren’t in 2.1.0
  • 0 should not be used with Rails 2.0.2 or below

If any feature requests or bugs please report them on lighthouse.


Liquid error: No such file or directory - posix_spawnp

Oracle and PostgreSQL users

If you’re using ar-extensions 0.7.0 with Oracle or PostgreSQL I am very interested to find out if 0.8.0 works fine. I don’t have Oracle, and I’m not a PostgreSQL user. If you’re interested in running the test suite against one of those databases please let me know.

Thanks for your patience and enjoy!

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