ar-extensions 0.8.1 released 10 Feb 2009
ar-extensions 0.8.1 is released. This is primarily a bug fix release to ensure it works successfully with Rails 2.2.2. Here are the changes:

  • fixed issue in
  • Updated usage of Inflector to point to ActiveSupport::Inflector
  • Fixed bug where finder conditions which use arext-suffixed keys and normal field keys would fail when using a conditions hash. (Gabe da Silveira)
  • added timestamps options to not automatically add timestamps even if record timestamps is disabled in ActiveRecord::Base (Thibaud Guillaume-Gentil)
  • Updated to use alias_method_chain so that multiple aliased finders remain intact (Marcus Crafter)

It may take a little while for the gem to show up in the rubygem mirrors. Thanks to everyone who contributed!

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