RSpactor, love Cucumber 28 Apr 2009
If RSpactor loved Cucumber it’d be even more amazing. From the ticket request:

It would be amazing if RSpactor integrated with Cucumber although it would need to be a different than how it currently works with RSpec. Now that Cucumber has tag support I think this good be done in a reasonable way that improved the developer workflow for projects that utilized Cucumber.

Here’s an example. When I am working on changing how money is managed in my app I know that I want to run the features tagged @accounting. At the start of my work it’d be great if I could add the @accounting tag to RSpactor so it would run those features after it successfully ran specs.

Perhaps there would also be a preference setting which auto ran the Cucumber scenarios after specs ran, or one that forced you to manually hit play. Although if you had typed in tags, it the play button would run cucumber with those tags.

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