rspec/cucumber ML email etiquette 09 May 2009
Aslak Hellesoy recently requested on the rspec/cucumber mailing list the other day that folks stop top posting. His words:

I find it really hard to follow conversations that use top posting ( If you have a [Cucumber] topic, please respond with inline comments. And use plain text email - not html.

I agree with Aslak’s request for the most part. There are times when top posting is perfectly acceptable, but those are too often blurred by the countless times where people are just plain lazy. While most of the replies have been rather humorous in response a couple recent replies have the look of actual requests to the community: snip out things not pertaining to your reply and the removal signatures.

The only part I don’t agree with is the text email. I’m sorry, but if you use an email client which can’t show html, or can’t not show the html part of an email then you need to find a new email client. I have the feeling Aslak was referring to folks that only send HTML email, void of a plain text part. If that’s the case I am in full agreement with his request.

Aslak’s request was well intended and thoughtfully brought about. I hope the replies stop before there is a giant list of dos and donts, followed by a flamewar that will most likely have a negative impact on such a wonderful community.

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