ActiveRecord Import Updates 12 Mar 2010
Nearly four years ago I embarked on figuring out ActiveRecord internals enough so I could have a library which allowed me to perform bulk inserts of data in an optimized way based on the database adapter being used. Over those four years, I’ve maintained and updated the functionality with contributions from the community. A big thanks to Blythe Dunham, James Herdman, Gabe da Silveira, Thibaud Guillaume-Gentil, Marcus Crafter, and Mark Van Holstyn.

Now that Rails is nearing a 3.0 release, it’s time for to revisit this import functionality, make it compatible with the heavily refactored and cleaned up ActiveRecord internals (thx Rails core team) and add some more polished features and implementation.

The import functionality which was in ActiveRecord::Extensions is being extracted into its own library, activerecord-import. This library will be smaller and its only purpose will be to provide mass import functionality.

The work has already begun over on github: “”:

I look forwarding to officially releasing this in the upcoming weeks!

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