activerecord-import gets basic SQLite3 and PostgreSQL support 09 Apr 2010
A few weeks back I started working on extracting the import functionality from ar-extensions into its own library. The initial extraction involved pulling out all of the MySQL functionality first, test by test, piece by piece. Well, tonight I pulled in the basic support for SQLite3 and PostgreSQL.

While it’s working great for MySQL, SQLite3, and PostgreSQL it has not been released as its own rubygem yet. I expect that to happen in the near-term future. In the meantime you can always check out the project on github:

  • “”:

In the past folks have emailed about sparse documentation. When the gem is released documentation will be provided by the github wiki ( “”: ) and the most up-to-date will be provided in the RDOC itself.

I’ve ran some benchmarks recently against MySQL 5.1 and you can find the results here: “”:

More to come!

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