First grandrapids.rb Fall 2010 Meetup 06 Oct 2010
Tonight I attended the Grand Rapids ruby user group meeting. The first one since the summer hiatus! There was a great turnout of about 15 people.

Derek Kastner gave a great presentation on Bundler ). At high level Bundler is a library/tool that manages an application’s dependencies through its entire life across many machines systematically and repeatably. Derek’s slides/presentation can be found here:

The presentation segway’d into discussing Maven and Bundler, Bundler and Rails, Bundler and Isolate (Bundler alternative), and then onto IDEs such as Eclipse, Netbeans, VIM, Emacs, TextMate, and now Redcar – which I’m rooting for Redcar. It looks awesome and has the best commit policy known to open source.

It ended with Carl Furrow showing us the world of Minecraft. All I have to say to that is Carl was like a zenmaster navigating the landscape of his 3D world, traveling to the center of the earth, dodging box-headed skeletons shooting arrow-like objects. I feel all in attendance were enlightened.

Next month should be awesome, Zach Church is giving a talk on Rails 3!

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