You may be a <insert language here> programmer 18 Mar 2012
If you can make sense of binary, you are Neo.

If you can make sense of CONSTANTLY BEING YELLED AT, you are old school.

If you can make sense of excessive parentheses, you are a Lisp programmer.

If you can do pointer arithmetic like a boss, you are a C programmer.

If you can make sense of {vec($j,$i,8)=$$_[$i]$i;$$_[$i]&&redo||$j}, you are a Perl programmer.

If you are convinced that in knowing oneself you must be explicit, you are a Python programmer.

If you frequent Hoogle in the off hours, you are a Haskell programmer.

If the only reasoning you need to believe a dog is a duck, is for it to quack and waddle, you are a Ruby programmer.

If you grok all of the above, you are a polyglot.

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