Why do you do what you do? 21 Mar 2012
Yesterday, a colleague asked me why I did what I did. Rather than responding with the first thing that came off the top of my head I waited until this morning, so I could spend a little time thinking about it. It’s a deep question after all.

Here’s my answer to his question:

I think I fell into what I do because I care about people, have a desire to make their lives better in some way, and that involves solving problems. Which, this works out perfect for me because I love solving problems, and I specifically love solving problems that require deep thinking, both analytically and creatively. These two characteristics combined with a hunger for continuous learning and exploration of ideas, both new and old, has provided a natural affinity for me to this career, this industry, and this profession. It wasn’t so much of a personal choice as it was an inevitable attraction.

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