activerecord-mysql-retry-ext 0.2.0 05 Oct 2012
Version 0.2.0 of the activerecord-mysql-retry-ext gem has been released. There is no new functionality, it just bumps the dependency on activerecord to be greater than or equal to activerecord 3.1.0.

This gem is for monkey-patching the Mysql2Adapter with ActiveRecord to avoid the following error when running integration tests with something like Capybara and Selenium or Capybara and Webkit: Mysql2::Error: This connection is still waiting for a result, try again once you have the result.

It should not be used in production.


Via Rubygems:

gem install activerecord-mysql-retry-ext

Via Gemfile:

gem "activerecord-mysql-retry-ext"

Happy coding!

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